Farm for sale Jinotepe, Jinotepe

Código: FV-10925 Sale price: U$ 450,000.00

Unique opportunity! 366-acre farm with two rivers and trees of various species. Looking for a large, fertile property with exceptional natural surroundings? Look no further! This 637 manzanas farm is the perfect opportunity for you. Located in a privileged area, the farm has two rivers running through it, which guarantees a constant supply of water for your crops or livestock. The semi-flat terrain facilitates its agricultural or livestock use, and the great variety of trees of diverse species provides shade and natural beauty to the property. This farm is ideal for: Agriculture: With its fertile soil and abundant water, the farm is perfect for growing a wide variety of agricultural products. Cattle ranching: The semi-flat terrain and availability of water make the farm ideal for raising cattle. Ecotourism: The natural beauty of the farm, with its two rivers and trees of various species, makes it an ideal place for the development of ecotourism activities. Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this unique property, contact us today for more information!



Jinotepe, Jinotepe, Nicaragua

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